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Geatain Engineering provided project oversight services for the design, installation, commissioning, startup and emission testing of the cogeneration system at the downtown Millennium Hilton Hotel. To receive a large state incentive, compliance with the New York State Design Manual needed to be verified. Geatain Engineering interpreted sections of the Design Manual to verify compliance.




To determine compliance with the Design Manual, Geatain Engineering followed these steps:

  • Established and maintained a clearly stated set of measurable, integrated performance requirements throughout the design and construction of the project.

  • Reviewed design documents to establish practical and common-sense solutions to unforeseen construction contingencies.

  • Reviewed project deliverables and schedules.  

  • Visited site on regular basis throughout construction to verify compliance with design documents and Design Manual.

  • Verified proper system operation, maintenance and training.




  • NYSERDA received confirmation that Design Manual requirements had been achieved.

  • Developer received large incentive for project.

  • Millennium Hilton benefits from additional electricity and heating loads.




• One of first NYSERDA funded cogeneration projects in New York City.

• Design standards varied among different cogeneration designers.




• Thorough review of NYSERDA Design manual to determine compliance steps.

• Assisted Developer to interpret sections of Design Manual to achieve regulatory intent.  

• Observed construction, commissioning and startup project phases, to verify compliance with design documents and Design Manual.

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