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By modifying computer use, Geatain is saving the hospital over $125,000 per year.


Geatain consulted with a large NYC hospital to evaluate a number of different energy conservation measures. After discussions with staff, it was determined that electrical costs from computers were extremely high. The computers were using high amounts of electricity, wasting large amounts of money.


The facility used more than 15,000 computers in the various buildings associated with the hospital campus. Geatain evaluated historical use of the computers and similar plug loads. Geatain determined appropriate schedules for computer use and enacted best practices to lower electrical consumption. Computer use was tailored to computer needs at the hospital. Through this process, computer use was curtailed and aligned with necessary use.


Geatain identified significant savings from the computer use analysis. In all, Geatain identified savings of over $125,000 per year. This presents a significant revenue stream for the hospital and substantial energy savings. Incentives were identified to pay for half of the capital costs for the program. The resulting payback was less than one year.

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