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Measures were identified to save over $200,000 in the next ten years.


Geatain provided Local Law 87 compliance for a multifamily dwelling in New York City. Geatain identified over $27,000 per year in energy savings which results in over $3,000 in savings over the next ten years. The measures with a return under four years present good opportunities to save costs. These ten measures have a cost of $15,875. These ten measures result in an annual savings of $12,700 with an average return of just 2.1 years.


The measures represent a broad spectrum of proven technologies to conserve energy. Geatain evaluated the entire building footprint and offered creative solutions. These measures include lower electric and natural gas billing rates to lower costs 10%, review of historical billing rates, garage lighting controls to lower lighting loads 30%, energy consumption meters to track use throughout the year, advanced boiler controls to provide steam conservation, greater amounts of insulation throughout the building, new equipment operation schemes, replacement of T12 light bulbs, lighting sensors to reduce lighting levels at appropriate times, creating renewable energy with the gym bicycles, ventilation improvements suited to occupancy, LED exit signs, double paned windows, heat recovery loop system, voltage meters to remove distorted voltage frequencies, equipment controls, more efficient motors, building envelope improvements and general building improvements.


The multifamily building is a 14 story building, constructed in 1964 with a total square footage of 136,191 square feet. Converted into a cooperative in 1984, it has 188 apartments. The building is located near Gramercy Park and includes a Zen-styled windowed lobby, landscaped roof deck with fantastic views, underground garage and canopied entrance. Energy audits are a systematic analysis of the building systems to identify cost-effective capital improvements to save energy while retrocommissioning consists of tuning up existing building systems to confirm they are operating as designed and are operating as efficiently as possible.


Geatain is specifying several one year return  measures to offer significant savings.


Geatain is completing Local Law 87 compliance work for a Forest Hills cooperative, including the energy audit and retrocommissioning requirements of the New York City regulation. Geatain has evaluate the entire building infrastructure and building footprint including the HVAC, hot water, elevators, building envelope, lighting and electrical systems.


Upon examination, the cooperative had two different types of heating systems in addition to a cogeneration system. Often times, all three systems were operating on extremely cold days. Geatain evaluated alternative operating schemes and helped to place the majority of the load on the cogeneration system, which produced the most savings. Geatain helped replace the pneumatic control on the ventilation system with electronic controls. This helped to conserve substantial amounts of energy and prevent excessive operations and maintenance work on an annual basis. Several related recommendations were made including increasing the natural ventilation of the space to decrease the operation of fans and motors. Insulation recommendations will lead to significant savings for the entire cooperative.


Geatain has recommended a building automation system to better track energy consumption throughout the building. This system will be used to determine seasonal trends and set baselines. The baselines will provide metrics for operations staff to monitor progress and determine advantageous operational schemes.


Several one year return measures have been recommended including a complete cleaning of the steam traps and ventilation coils. Geatain has offered several ventilation alternatives for a community room and may obtain a Certificate of Occupancy for additional spaces.

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