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Geatain Engineering is pleased to perform many ASHRAE Level I, II and III energy assessments for a variety of different buildings. The differences are summarized below:

ASHRAE Level I-Preliminary Energy Assessment:

  • Walk through of your building to determine basic building infrastructure.

  • Recommend several energy conservation measures for basic equipment.

ASHRAE Level II-Detailed Energy Audit:

  • In-depth evaluation of all building infrastructure and building envelope.

  • Review of equipment sequencing, operating protocols and Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Determine adequacy of lighting levels, building controls and HVAC loads.

  • Recommendation of dozens of energy conservation measures addressing entire building.

  • Detailed evaluation of available federal, state, local and utility incentives.

ASHRAE Level III-Investment Grade Audit:

  • Sophisticated, whole-building computer model simulation.

  • Extremely detailed cost estimating, determination of inflationary impacts to savings projections and detailed analysis of measure interactions.

  • Investment-grade, decision-making support.

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