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Geatain Engineering provides a variety of financing alternatives to suit your needs:

  • PACE Financing: If approved in your area, PACE financing provides loans repaid over 15 or 20 years through a property tax assessment.

  • On Utility Bill Financing: If approved in your area, On Utility Bill financing provides loans repaid on your utility bill over typically eight to ten years.

  • Equipment Leasing: Leasing agreement where equipment is leased to party and costs are financed through savings. Typically includes buy-out or buy-back provisions at lease completion.

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): Agreement between two parties, one who generates electricity and the other who purchases the electricity.

  • Tax Exempt Financing: Tax exempt financing may be available, based on unique relationships with national lenders.

  • Shared Savings: No cost solution where lender provides financing which are repaid through the energy savings over an agreed upon period.

  • Debt Financing: Traditional bank financing where principal and interest are repaid over agreed upon period.

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